Slo-Mo Video And Other Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors NOT Happening

The Inquisitr - 37 minutes ago
Specification leaks of the...

Uber suspends testing of self-driving cars after crash

The Sydney Morning Herald - 4 hours ago
Uber has taken its fleet of...

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UK minister says encryption on messaging services is unacceptable

Reuters Canada - 14 hours ago
LONDON (Reuters) - Technology...

StarCraft Remastered: Release date and Price still a mystery as Blizzard confirm 4K - 2 hours ago
THE NEW StarCraft Remastered...

Uber suspends testing of self-driving cars after crash

The Sydney Morning Herald - 4 hours ago
Uber has taken its fleet of...

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UK Tells WhatsApp to Open Up to Intelligence Services

Bloomberg - 14 hours ago
U.K. Home Secretary Amber...

Uber to Suspend Autonomous Tests After Arizona Accident

Bloomberg - 1 day ago
Uber Technologies Inc. is...

Blizzard Announces StarCraft: Remastered, Due Out This Summer

Kotaku - 18 hours ago
Everyone's favorite...

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Uber faces delay with self-driving car programme after crash

Financial Times - 6 hours ago
Uber is facing a potentially...

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, UK Price, Specs, Features: EVERYTHING you need to know - 14 hours ago
THE Samsung Galaxy S8 will be...

StarCraft Remastered: Release date and Price still a mystery as Blizzard confirm 4K - 2 hours ago
THE NEW StarCraft Remastered...

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  • How GameStop could bounce back after its epic sales miss

    GameStop’s saving grace this year may be Nintendo’s recently released Switch console. GameStop’s (GME) shares plummeted more than 13% on Friday after it reported weak sales the day before, but Nintendo’s new Switch console may help the video game retailer turn things around. […]

  • Digital rights report hits Apple for its secrecy

    A new report scoring tech companies’s support for digital rights comes to some surprising conclusions. It ranks Google (GOOG, GOOGL) above Apple (AAPL), puts AT&T (T) atop telecommunications firms and even says some modestly nice things about firms in China and Russia. […]

  • T-Mobile is making it harder for scammers to call you

    T-Mobile wants to stop phone scammers in their tracks with its newest network upgrade. T-Mobile (TMUS) wants to make it a little bit harder for scammers to call your cellphone. According to T-Mobile’s vice president of engineering, Grant Castle, the feature will hit the carrier’s network and work across all phones regardless of its operating system or the plan you have. […]

  • Watch the moment an Amazon drone delivers sunscreen for the first time

    Amazon has taken another small autonomous step toward drone delivery.  The company completed its first public United States delivery using one of its Prime Air delivery drones at a robotics conference in California on Monday, within the airspace of the Palm Springs Airport. SEE ALSO: Forget taxis; Dubai wants to fly you around in passenger drones The drone lands in a field, drops off a four-plus pound box of sunscreen bottles, and buzzes back up into the sky. Amazon's first drone delivery took place late last year in the United Kingdom, where regulations are a bit more drone-friendly. The drone delivered an Amazon Fire TV and a bag of popcorn.  But Amazon did conduct its U.S. delivery with the FAA's help, which demonstrates coordination and communication on at least some level.  Several legislatures in the U.S. are slowly coming around to robotics. Earlier this month, Virginia passed legislation that allows robots to roam around on sidewalks delivering packages.  Though Amazon doesn't seem to have a plan for ground-based drone delivery, they voiced support for Virginia's move. For them, the greater acceptance of autonomous delivery, the better.  WATCH: Use Jedi mind tricks to command this dron […]

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review: The best Android tablet will cost you a lot

    Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 is a direct shot at Apple’s iPad Pro. Apple’s (AAPL) original iPad was the standard-bearer for tablets. Straight-up tablets are falling out of style, as consumers increasingly turn toward productivity laptop-tablet hybrid devices like, well… the $599 iPad Pro. […]

  • You can now convert your ordinary bike into an electric one

    Don’t have the cash to replace your regular bike with a fancy electric model? Well, you don’t have to. You can now replace your front wheel with an electric one. It’s called UrbanX and has already well surpassed its $50,000 Kickstarter goal, reaching more than $191,000. The wheel will give you a 30-mile range with a 20 mph top speed. It’s also much lighter than the average e-bike, which usually weighs 65 to 90 pounds. UrbanX adds only 15 pounds to your bike, which includes motor, battery, spokes, rim, and tire. ... […]

  • Nintendo explains Switch Joy-Con connection issues in official statement

    Nintendo has issued an official statement regarding the cause of the left Joy-Con connectivity issues plaguing the Switch, vowing that there's no inherent design issue, but a "manufacturing variation." […]

  • Amazon is continuing to define what consumers expect

    More recent Amazon initiatives such as Prime Now and Flex Delivery aim to deliver orders to your doorstep in two hours or less. When Amazon (AMZN) began offering free two-day shipping to Prime members, that fast shipping time became the new expectation for many customers who were previously accustomed to waiting much longer for their packages. Now, the Seattle-based e-commerce giant is setting the bar even higher  with initiatives such as Prime Now and Amazon Flex, which ship goods to you in two hours and in some cases promise one-hour delivery. […]

  • Twitter says it shuttered 377,000 accounts that promote terrorism in six months

    In its latest transparency report, Twitter said it shuttered a total of 376,890 accounts "for violations related to promotion of terrorism," bringing the 17-month total up to the end of 2016 to 636,248. […]

  • India says no to most of Apple's demands

    Apple is not getting any special treatment from the Indian government.  Despite the company’s imminent plans to begin manufacturing iPhones in the country, the Indian government remains committed to not folding to the Cupertino giant’s demands.  SEE ALSO: Apple had its best year ever in world's fastest growing smartphone market When asked if the government has accepted the iPhone maker’s demands, commerce and industry minister Nirmala Sitharaman told Rajya Sabha (Council of States) that the ministry has said "no" to "most" of them. Apple has put up an "unprecedented" list of demands before the government. "Apple India has sought concessions, including duty exemptions on manufacturing and repair units, components, capital equipment including parts and consumables for smartphone manufacturing and service/repair for a period of 15 years," Sitharaman added. Apple sees big potential in India. The company’s CEO paid his maiden visit to the nation last year and expressed desires to bolster the company’s business in the country. Even though India remains one of the few places that has shown strong iPhone sales, there is no easy way for Apple to continue the momentum. For one, more than 50 percent of iPhones sold in the nation last year were iPhone 5s models. The four-year-old iPhone sells for under $300 in the country. Analysts say the company needs to lower the prices of the iPhone, which are higher in India due to domestic import laws. Apple's solution of sorts was to try to convince the Indian government to permit sales of refurbished iPhones — a proposal India was quick to discard.  Now Apple’s biggest bet at making iPhones affordable (and possibly to get India to say yes to refurbished iPhones) is if it could start manufacturing locally.  The Indian government offers various benefits to overseas companies to setup manufacturing plants in India as such efforts help in creation of new jobs and foster the development of cities and states.  Mashable was first to report about Apple’s plans to manufacture iPhone SE in India starting as early as April. It appears Apple will have to make do with the same usual incentives that other international brands get. WATCH: You can now take selfies... with your feet? […]

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All eyes on Trump, Ryan relationship after health care defeat

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Protesters Gather in 99 Cities Across Russia; Top Putin Critic Is Arrested

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Police see no terrorism link in Cincinnati nightclub shooting that killed 1 and injured 15 others

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A gunfight broke out inside a crowded Cincinnati...

Angela Merkel's Re-election Bid Is Buoyed by Widely Watched State Election

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The popular Christian Democrat governor of the...

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