An Aurora Called 'Steve'? Strange Sky Phenomenon Investigated - 3 hours ago
Meet "Steve," a...

Trump says he hopes humans set foot on Mars 'during my second term'

The Sydney Morning Herald - 4 hours ago
To the long list of ambitious...

Camping on the Great Barrier Reef could be the quintessential Australian experience

9Elsewhere - 18 hours ago
What do you get when you take...

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Trump wants NASA to send humans to Mars pronto — by his second term 'at worst'

Washington Post - 2 hours ago
What we are reporting here...

Plastic-eating caterpillar could munch waste, scientists say

BBC News - 3 hours ago
A caterpillar that munches on...

An Aurora Called 'Steve'? Strange Sky Phenomenon Investigated - 3 hours ago
Meet "Steve," a...

New close-up photos of Saturn's largest moon may be the last for decades

Business Insider - 57 minutes ago
cassini spacecraft titan...

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Record-breaking astronaut Peggy Whitson hails a wee triumph - 3 hours ago
Mr Trump told Ms Whitson...

Plastic-eating caterpillar could munch waste, scientists say

BBC News - 3 hours ago
A caterpillar that munches on...

An Aurora Called 'Steve'? Strange Sky Phenomenon Investigated - 3 hours ago
Meet "Steve," a...

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  • Beloved 600-year-old white oak tree takes final bow

    BERNARDS, N.J. (AP) — A white oak tree that has watched over a New Jersey community and a church for hundreds of years began its final bow Monday as crews began its removal and residents fondly remembered the go-to spot for formal photos, landmark for driving directions and the remarkable piece of natural history. […]

  • 7 Hidden Signs That Someone Is a Psychopath

    Suspect that someone you know might be a psychopath? Here are seven ways to tell. […]

  • ‘Flying car’ takes flight, cleared for sale and rec use

    Kitty Hawk unveils its ‘flying car’ aircraft, cleared by FAA and to be made available to public by end of the year. Project backed by Google co-founder Larry Pag […]

  • NASA planning trip around Mars in 2033? Managing Editor Tariq Malik on NASA's efforts to send astronauts on a journey around Mars. […]

  • Tour London's Natural History Museum in VR with David Attenborough

    You'll soon be able to take a hands-on tour of London's Natural History Museum with famed naturalist Sir David Attenborough, right from the comfort of your couch. The new project combines interactive virtual-reality (VR) technology with a TV documentary, in which a hologram of Attenborough takes viewers "behind the glass" at the museum. According to Sky, the European entertainment company behind the VR experience, the interactive technology will allow users to hold, tilt and peer inside the museum's collection of objects. […]

  • Kids Under 12 Shouldn't Take Codeine Drugs, FDA Says

    Children younger than 12 should not take codeine, a drug found in some cough and pain medicines, according to new rules from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that further restrict the use of this drug in kids. Parents should read the ingredient labels on pain and cough medicines to make sure that they don't contain codeine or another medication called tramadol before giving the medication to children, the agency said. The FDA said today (April 20) that it is making changes to its requirements for the labels of codeine-containing drugs because of reports that some children experience life-threatening breathing problems, and even die, after taking medicines that contain codeine. […]

  • Aaron Hernandez's Brain Will Be Studied for CTE

    The brain of former NFL player Aaron Hernandez will be donated to an academic center that studies a brain disorder linked to playing football, according to Massachusetts officials. Hernandez, who was 27 and serving a life sentence in prison for murder, was found dead in his prison cell shortly after 3 a.m. on Wednesday (April 19), according to a statement from Joseph D. Early Jr., the district attorney of Worcester County in Massachusetts, who aided in the investigation of Hernandez's death. Although Hernandez's body was released on Wednesday, officials withheld some of his tissues, including his brain, until the cause of his death could be determined. […]

  • At least global warming may get Americans off the couch more

    Global warming's milder winters will likely nudge Americans off the couch more in the future, a rare, small benefit of climate change, a new study finds. With less chilly winters, Americans will be more ... […]

  • The Mystery of 'Venus's Hair' After a Volcanic Eruption

    In the summer of 2011, earthquake swarms started hitting the Canary Islands off the African coast. The ocean belched up sulfur, staining the water yellow and green. Fish died. Seawater bubbled over like a jacuzzi. Smoking lava balloons leapt from the roiling surface. […]

  • Treasure trove of bronze and copper reveals incredible speed of flash Inca invasion

    Around 1450 CE, the Incas attacked so fast that many of the Colla people of the hill fort of Ayawiri in Peru didn't have time to take their valuables with them as they abandoned their homes. Putting a number on how quickly people abandoned settlements hundreds of years ago is tricky using methods like radiocarbon dating, which are not very precise on those time scales. […]

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After years of hiding their relationship, Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron enter the political stage together

Washington Post - 1 hour ago
PARIS — When French voters are asked to...

These are the 100-day accomplishments Trump is touting

CNN - 5 hours ago
Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump's...

Barack Obama returns to remind us how radically different he is from Donald Trump

CNN - 1 hour ago
(CNN) Former President Barack Obama re-emerged...

In Chicago, Obama tells young leaders that 'special interests dominate the debates in Washington'

Washington Post - 1 hour ago
CHICAGO — In his first public appearance since...

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