Juno mission first results: Jupiter isn't like what researchers expected

CNN - 12 hours ago
(CNN) Beneath its heavy cloud...

NASA moves up launch of Psyche mission to a metal asteroid

Phys.Org - 20 hours ago
Artist's concept of the...

Lego giraffe to be named in honor of giraffe-loving boy

WXOW.com - 25 minutes ago
A giant Lego giraffe is being...

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Juno peers below Jupiter's clouds

BBC News - 10 hours ago
Scientists working on the...

Schiaparelli landing investigation completed

Phys.Org - 21 hours ago
The inquiry into the...

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  • Correction: Snowy Plover Chick story

    PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — In a story May 24 about the Western snowy plover, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Oregon requires dogs to be kept on leash in snowy plover nesting areas. The state bans dogs from all active nesting areas. […]

  • Saturn’s stunning north pole actually changed colors

    NASA's Cassini orbiter was the first to deliver a really clear look at the eye-catching, hexagonal storm swirling on Saturn's north pole, so it's only fitting that the craft has now delivered a photo of the peculiar phenomenon that adds a new layer of awe. As part of Cassini's recent photo sweep, the orbiter took a nice long look at Saturn's northernmost point once more and discovered that it has almost completely changed color. How's that for a surprise? Saturn's seasons are really, really long. A single trip around the sun — what we think of as a year here on Earth — takes nearly thirty times as long for Saturn. Like many planets, Saturn's surface undergoes changes as seasons progress and change, and since Cassini has been orbiting the planet since way back in 2004, the craft has had the opportunity to observe a full season, and all the dramatic changes that came with it. http://media.zenfs.com/en_US/News/BGR_News/pia21611_figa_main.gif?itok=eBkkfjGB One of those changes was the increase in what NASA refers to as "springtime hazes." That haze is what makes the planet look a giant ball of blurry clouds, and an increase in haze at the north pole has caused the bluish-green hue of the massive hexagon to transition into a mix of dull brown and tan, with just a hint of green remaining in the very center of its eye. It's a fantastic observation, and a great example of the kind of amazing material we'll be missing out on when Cassini ends its mission later this year. […]

  • First results from Juno mission show surprisingly strong magnetic field and huge polar cyclones

    The first scientific results from NASA's mission to Jupiter are already stunning scientists. […]

  • Biggest exhibit of human-like fossils goes on display in South Africa

    By Ed Stoddard THE CRADLE OF HUMANKIND, South Africa (Reuters) - An exhibit of the largest collection of fossils of close human relatives ever to go on public display opened on Thursday in South Africa, not far from the caves where they were unearthed. Launched on "Africa Day" in an area named "The Cradle of Humankind," the exhibit coincides with the publication of a controversial paper that questions the widely-held view that humanity's evolutionary roots lay in Africa. […]

  • Ancient Bizarre Sea Monster the Size of a Bus Discovered in Russia

    The well-preserved 5 foot-long skull of an extinct reptile was first discovered on the bank of the Volga River in 2002, but until now had not been identified as a new species. The fossil belongs to a group of marine reptiles called plesiosaur. […]

  • In Europe, Trump feels the heat on climate

    At every stop in Donald Trump's whirlwind of summit meetings in Europe, the issue of climate change -- and the US president's threat to ditch the 196-nation Paris Agreement -- is never far from the surface. "I am still trying to convince the doubters," German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Tuesday at informal 30-nation climate talks in Berlin, where China's climate tzar, Xie Zhenhua, also urged the United States to stay the course. Newly minted French President Emmanuel Macron, on the eve of his May 7 victory, likewise vowed to "do everything possible" to keep the former reality TV star on board. […]

  • Brain scans show how fathers are more attentive to daughters than sons

    Dads not only act differently in their daily interactions with the children, but scans of their brains also revealed different patterns of activity depending on whether they have a boy or a girl. In recent years, a number of studies has shown that fathers treat girls and boys differently – suggesting in some cases that their behaviours could reinforce gender stereotypes in their children. For instance, studies often rely on parents' self-reports of their interactions with their children. […]

  • New Zealand test rocket makes it to space but not to orbit

    California-based company Rocket Lab says it has launched a test rocket into space from its New Zealand launch pad, although the rocket didn't reach orbit as hoped […]

  • How obsessive gamers can quit playing

    Cam Adair, founder of "Game Quitters," says finding alternate activities is key for people hoping to stop playing video games. […]

  • Less Than 1 Drink Per Day May Raise Your Breast Cancer Risk

    Women who can't wait to have their glass of wine at the end of the day, take note: A new report concludes that even one small drink daily can raise a woman's risk of breast cancer. The report includes data gathered from more than 12 million women worldwide — 260,000 of whom had breast cancer — during nearly 120 studies. In the report, which was published today (May 23), researchers cut through the clutter of breast cancer studies, and offer a clear set of recommendations to help women reduce their risk of the disease. […]

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Republican wins Montana election one night after being charged with assault

Washington Post - 3 hours ago
BOZEMAN, Mont. — Republican businessman Greg...

Trump chastises fellow NATO members, demands they meet payment obligations

Washington Post - 8 hours ago
BRUSSELS — President Trump exported the...

FBI Russia investigation looking at Kushner role

CNN - 7 hours ago
(CNN) The FBI's criminal probe of Russian...

Alabama executes murderer known as 'Houdini of death row'

Los Angeles Times - 2 hours ago
A candlelight vigil for convicted murderer Thomas...

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