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And as we kick off 2018 one of the top resolutions, of course, to live a healthier lifestyle. Of course it is. That can be tough, though so here to help is registered dietitian Keri Gans partnering with splenda to kick off a new better you series. Welcome, Keri. All of are you probably making resolutions or have and all of you at home potentially. We thought why not bring somebody down. Nicole in our audience, come on down. You’ve got a new year’s resolution you want to share. I really want to have a balanced lifestyle that’s going to be maintainable in the long term because for me health is so much more than about physical appearance and just looking good. And I want to have a body that’s strong and able to do stuff. Okay, that’s a great resolution, that’s a good one, Keri, you said to me earlier you can eat things you like and I see potatoes and toast. It’s not about eliminating foods you love. First thing we want to do is choose healthier Conde manies and think out of the box. You like cream cheese on bread, guess what, add a little avocado. Take away some of that cream cheese, add healthy fats. It’s delicious. The best. Really want to try it? I would love to. Great. And eat too. Hummus on baked potato instead of butter and sour cream. Just hummus, extra fiber. I never would have thought of that? A lot of people feel like I don’t know, I don’t love the taste of fish but how about salsa on this there. Add fruits and veggies for antioxidants and it’s really good. You Marv it. That’s so good. I might just take this back with me if that’s okay. It’s also about portion control. All about portion control and what’s important is to try to equip yourself in the kiten and that means choose the best kitchen tools and gadgets that you can for portion control. So, example, a simple brush. Instead of pouring on olive oil you can brush on olive oil. Here, try a little. So you can take a little and then you just basically brush it on potatoes or squash or — it’s really easy or a spray bottle. Spray your oil as opposed to pouring on a salad. So smart. So you use less. Finally you have the hidden sugar. Hidden sugar. We need to rethink our drink, okay. Most of you probably are having coffee at home and the best thing you could do is find an alternative so plane da naturals which is made from stevia which is a plant and a lot of you might think, ooh, bitter taste, but, no, stevia from splenda naturals is delicious. Great opposite. Thank you so much. Try it. No bitter aftertaste. Thanks for sharing your resolutions. Thanks to our sponsor splenda we are offering a chance to win $5,000 to help you achieve your goals. Go to takes to enter. Thank you, Nicole. Good luck. Keri, thank you. We’ll be right back. “Gma’s” simply a better you is

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