18M Could Lose Insurance in a Year Under ‘Obamacare’ Repeal: Report

PlayChris Schneider/AFP/Getty ImagesWATCH Congress Moves Against Obamacare 0 Shares Email Repealing "Obamacare" without a replacement could leave 18 million Americans without health insurance within a year and 32 million by 2026, according to a new estimate from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. The estimate, prepared at the request of Senate Democrats, is based on the partial repeal bill Republicans sent to President Obama's desk in 2015. Obama vetoed the measure, and Congress was not able to override it. States Won by Trump Have Highest 'Obamacare' Enrollment Congress Prepares to Battle Over 'Obamacare' The office also estimated that individual health insurance premiums would increase by 20 to 25 percent in the first year of a repeal and would hit 50 percent after the elimination of the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion. Democrats seized on the new figures Tuesday, after rallies around the country opposing GOP plans to repeal and r..

Many Chicago-Area Trauma Patients Undertreated: Study

TNS via Getty ImagesPolice officers listen to a woman as paramedics tend to a man in an ambulance, Oct. 2, 2016, in Chicago, Ill. 0 Shares Email With dramatic increases in shootings and homicides in Chicago in recent years, more and more patients are being taken to hospitals with traumatic injuries. However, a new study finds that many patients with traumatic injuries are being taken to hospitals not designated to handle these type of wounds. Nearly one-fifth of patients who should have been taken to a designated level 1 trauma center from 2009 to 2013 were instead taken to community hospitals in the Chicago area that are not fully equipped to deal with these traumatic cases, according to a new study published today in JAMA Surgery. The city has long struggled with a lack of hospitals that are level 1 trauma centers, meaning they are designated specifically for the most serious types of traumatic injuries. If a hospital is a level 1 trauma center, it must meet a variety of requirem..

Tom Price’s Last Known Plan to Replace ‘Obamacare’

PlayBill Clark/CQ-Roll Call,Inc./Getty ImagesWATCH Tom Price: Everything You Need to Know 0 Shares Email With President-elect Donald Trump pledging to "repeal and replace" the Affordable Care Act, many have been looking for signs of what a replacement might look like. One clue may be a plan proposed in 2015 by his pick for secretary of health and human services, Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., who will testify on Capitol Hill today. Price, a longtime critic of the ACA, is a member of the House GOP Doctors Caucus, which is made up of congressional members who are doctors and focuses on developing patient-centered health care policy. He served for several years as chairman of the Republican Study Committee, a large and influential conservative House caucus. A year after the ACA passed, Price released a statement calling the law "a costly and misguided encroachment of government that will destroy jobs and drive our nation further toward a fiscal crisis." He characterized the law as "failing"..

Federal government fails on First Nations child health delivery, says advocate

An outspoken child advocate is taking the federal government to task over its approach to a policy designed to ensure all First Nations children access necessary services, noting the issue will be the subject of public hearings this spring.

Sugar acts similarly to alcohol or cocaine in our brains, says neuroscientist

It's the fine white powder that addicts blame for ruining their lives — and donuts are full of it. After hearing Gary Taubes make the case against sugar this week, The Current looks into treating sugar addiction.