NFL’s Ryan Shazier

Eric LeGrand Reaches Out

… I Can Help You!

12/24/2017 12:40 AM PST


It’s unclear if Pittsburgh Steelers LB Ryan Shazier will ever walk again — but he’s got a new ally who knows EXACTLY what he’s going through … Eric LeGrand

LeGrand — a former Rutgers football player — was paralyzed in 2010 while making a tackle on a kickoff in a game against Army.  

He busted his ass in rehab and made tremendous progress in his recovery — Eric vows to walk again. 

Now, LeGrand tells TMZ Sports … he’s already reached out to Shazier to offer any assistance he can provide to the NFL player — whether it’s advice, friendship or doctor recommendations. 

“We’re sending him a bunch of Team LeGrand stuff. I’m sending him my book and I’m hoping everything works out well for him because he’s in our prayers and we’re there for him.”